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Axle Dimensions

Huntsman Products axle dimensions

DimensionNameDescriptionTTTip to TipTotal length of axle from end to endFFFace to Face Distance from one wheel face to the other (track width)CWChasis Width Distance between outside of chasis railsCFChasis to Face Distance from ourside of chasis rail to wheel faceTCTyre Clearance Dis...

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  1. 1. Tack your middle Hanger.
  2. 2. Pull your front and rear Hangers out as far as they will go (ensuring the middle Rocker is kept level).
  3. 3. Tack the front and back Hanger.
  4. 4. Unless you specify the size of the wheels you are using, your springs will come to you as 13" - 15" setting by default.
  5. 5. If yo...
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Position the trailer on a stable and LEVEL working surface. If possible, leave the tow vehicle hooked to the trailer in order to limit movement as well as keeping the front end supported and level. If the trailer is not supported on the tow vehicle, it MUST be blocked directly to the ground at the f...

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Axle width drawing

19/09/12 12:40 PM

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