How to Install Rocker Roller Springs


  1. 1. Tack your middle Hanger.
  2. 2. Pull your front and rear Hangers out as far as they will go (ensuring the middle Rocker is kept level).
  3. 3. Tack the front and back Hanger.
  4. 4. Unless you specify the size of the wheels you are using, your springs will come to you as 13" - 15" setting by default.
  5. 5. If you need to convert this to the 4WD 15" - 16" setup, simply unbolt the springs and swap the front spring for the rear.
  6. 6. This will spread your bolts further apart.


These instructions are the correct way to setup these springs but should be used as a guide only.
Huntsman recommends installation by a qualified Tradesman.