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Fulton 2600Lb (1181kg) 2 Speed Winch 20' (6m) Strap. Black Cover

SKU : 174263322686



2600LBS (1181kg)
20" STRAP (6 metres)

part number: 142418

"Make light work of heavy loads with Fulton brand two-speed winches. One fast speed for quick pull-in, a second low speed for increased mechanical advantage. Our shift lock design allows for changing gears without moving the crank handle from shaft to shaft. Just lift the shift lock and slide the shaft into the desired gear position. Shift lock holds the shaft in gear. Neutral, free-wheel position allows quick line pay out without spinning the handle. Our ratchet pawl also has a convenient neutral position. Optional handbrake kit no. 1619-01 purchased separately and available for all two-speed winches and can be installed after the winch is mounted.

Durable winch has 2 speeds - 1 for quick pull in, the other for greater mechanical advantage - and a neutral, freewheeling position for fast line payout. Corrosion-resistant zinc finish and polypropylene cover. Includes a 20' strap.

Hand winch makes it easier to pull or lift large or heavy items
Ideal for boat trailers
2 Speeds to fit your application
Fast speed lets you pull in quickly
Lower speed offers an increased mechanical advantage
Shift lock design lets you change gears without having to move the handle
No need to move handle from shaft to shaft - just slide the shaft into desired gear position
Shift lock holds the shaft in gear
Neutral, freewheel position for quick line payout without handle spinning
Strap with safety hook is included
Durable polypropylene cover provides protection from the elements
Z-Max 600 zinc finish provides superior corrosion resistance
600-Hour salt spray rating
Mounting hardware not included

Handle length: 10"
Gear ratios: 5.1:1 and 12.2:1
Maximum mechanical advantage: 108:1
Drum storage: 20' x 2" strap (included)
For use with strap only
Hub size: 1-1"
Capacity: 2,600 lbs

fulton hand brake kit $15 extra. sku: 193451274420